​Lying on your CV will lead you to jail!

There is a new law stating that if you found lying on your CV,you’ll be jailed for 5 years.Many workers might be working works that they didn’t qualify for.That’s is why maybe there is no proper progress in the country.Just imagine going to tertiary for three to four years, after that you become unemployed for more than eight years. But someone who didn’t even go to varsity get job that you qualified for, while he/she doesn’t even have an idea about that job.That’s happening because of false qualifications, but now on if u found, just know just you are going to jail.Not only to jail but to jail for five years.Qualifications Authority CEO, Jow Samuels told eNCA that a person could be jailed for 5 years or fined if found to have fraudulently doctored their CV.
This law is like beating two birds with one stone. It will fight against corruption and help people to get jobs that they qualified for. Now on you’ll be employed according to your knowledge and skills .Just imagine giving someone job that require science and Mathematics. And that person doesn’t even know Sir Isaac Newton (created science and maths laws and formulas). Is not fair to get job that you did study because it causes injuries in work places .
Let’s not just leave it there by saying is about people lying on CV. Because there are institution giving people unregistered qualifications. Poor learner pass matric (grade 12) with lower marks. When they go to Universities or public colleges they find that they don’t qualify because of their marks .Then they go to private institutions to study short courses or Nated courses.After that when they are looking for jobs they find that their qualifications are fake .So you might be arrested for lying in CV.But you might be idea less that you are lying because you got those qualifications in unregistered institution. Atleast this law is in both side because Samuels also said people must have authentic qualifications ,registered on National Framework(NQF).He added by saying action will also be taken on institutions that offering unregistered qualifications. That means this law will also punish those who are giving people false qualifications. But wat about those ones who are creating lying about job posts.They do that to rob people , but maybe this law will also punish them.

Writer : Selaelo Ramavhale

Change Your Vision – Fulu

Once upon a time, there was a very rich man who was bothered by severe eye pain. He consulted many different doctors, but none of their treatments cured his ailment.

Desperate to find a cure for his condition, he researched every possible solution. He came across the information of a wise monk who lived in the mountains and was well known for curing various illnesses.

He trekked up the mountain and secured an appointment with the monk. The monk carefully observed the man’s eyes and offered a very peculiar cure. He told the rich man to only concentrate on the colour green for a few weeks and to try and avoid any other colours. 

The rich man was desperate to get rid of the pain in his eyes, so he immediately travelled back to his home and hired a group of painters to paint everything in his house green.

After a few weeks, the monk travelled down the mountain to check on the man’s progress. As the monk entered the rich man’s yard, a painter pulled him aside and painted the monk’s robes green. As the monk was escorted into the house, he noticed that everything in the house was painted green, from the ceiling to the floor.

The monk chuckled a little bit and asked the rich man why everything was painted green. The man replied that he was just following the monk’s advice and avoiding all colours besides green.

The monk started laughing louder and said, “You could’ve saved yourself a lot of money if you’d just thought about buying a pair of glasses with green-tinted lenses.”

Moral: Sometimes a small change is all that’s needed to adjust our vision of the world.

​Corporal Punishment At Home Is Against The Law.

Due to constitutional court,corporal punishment is illegal.This decision will affect many parents especially in villages.In other side side it will be helpful to childhood.So decision like this will be helpful and helpless at the same time.Most of householders in SA used to discipline their beloved children with corporal punishment.They beat them with belts,sjamboks,shoes and etc not to kill or destroy but to discipline.I wonder how poor parents will discipline their young ones.Just imagine being a parent who doesn’t have enough money to berg or spoil your child as an influence to study or work.But if corporal punishment is still working you were going to use it.

We as blacks we are known as respectful race.But I think corporal punishment played a role on that.We’ll be seeing boys and girls insulting their parents knowing that belts or sjamboks won’t be used on them .I think constitutional court got it wrong this time.

This decision will be burning a hell fire in families caused by teenagers.Other learners are lazy they don’t open their book in homes,but with the likes of sjamboks they pull up their socks.Beating  up your own child is not hatred,but is great love.Each and every parent want to see his/her own child graduating in varsity.But that doesn’t start in varsity,it starts in home by being disciplin.There is no other way of disciplining a child at the age of 5-12 years without corporal punishment,because those children are not matured enough in such a way that you can sit down and speak with them.So now on boys will engage theirselves in drugs,alcohol, fights and so on, know that no one will beat them when they arrive home.Girls will no longer listen to their mothers,they will be ruling themselves going up and down with sugar daddies(old men).And that can be another way of spreading diseases like HIV/AIDS,teenage pregnancy will rise.But corporal punishment used to play a huge role to stop those things.

Writer :Selaelo Ramavhale

Give Back To The Community II

2nd Annual Give Back To The Community.                                                 

For more info contact                      Mashudu :0723136746 Adivhaho:064927165     Lucky:0765470181      Ntsieni:0607912187

28th December 2019

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Daily Motivation – Fulu

A man, who’s built hundreds of houses during his career, told his boss that he wants to retire and enjoy more quality time with his family. His boss was disappointed that his best employee was leaving, so he asked the man to build one last house before he retired.

The bricklayer consented, but his heart wasn’t it in. He didn’t make an effort like he usually did, and his workmanship and materials were not of the usual quality. 

He completed the house, and his boss came by to do an inspection. He looked around and just before he left, he asked the bricklayer to hold out his hand. The man held out his hand, and his boss dropped the house key into his hand saying, “This is your house, it’s my gift to you and your family.”

The bricklayer was surprised and deeply ashamed. If only he knew the house was for him and his family, he would’ve done a better job, but now he has to live in a home that was built shoddily due to his resentment.

Moral: Always give your best. Your attitudes and the choices you make today will be your life tomorrow, build it wisely.